Tutorial - Define Source List

How to define source list?

One row of data means one of detail page’s data that extracted from the website. So now we have extract rules, and now we need to define source list of that sample page rules.

In the last tutorial , we go through how to define a row of data of the result form. In this tutorial, we will extract the rows of the rest of data form.

Back to our example, now we need to go to the items list page that contains the url that could navigate to the sample page. Mostly it is the last page that you visited, because the list page is the entry of that sample page.

We build a sandbox for you to test the example, find it here.

You could click the “Back” button in Setting Panel, it will navigate to the last page that you have visited.


If the source page is not the last page in the browser history, just type the list page url in browser.

When you jump to the list page, just click “SUGGEST” button, it will show all the matched links that similar to the sample page url where you defined extract rules.


Move your mouse to the “Setting Panel”, and hover on the pages group, in the target browser window will show a layer of that pages group. If it is not the pages group that you want to go through, just remove it.

Now go to the next step!

Now go to the next step!

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